March 29, 2019. And so it begins.

It has been 5 weeks since the government finally admitted that Australia was formerly at War with the Inter-Asia alliance, and I felt that this is a good time to start a blog.

With the Warships arriving in the Gulf of Carpentaria, it’s now pretty obvious that Australians aren’t going to be protected by the tyranny of distance that we’ve always believed would protect us from any invading forces. With Japan seeing the most ferocious fighting between the Coalition forces (including our Australian troops) and the Alliance, and Pakistan’s government crumbling into chaos I can’t see the presence of Indian warships in our gulf being a good thing.

Personally, the situation scares me a little. I thought that writing a blog might somehow help people understand what is going on in and around Australia. Feel free to add comments about what’s happening where you’re living.

The government is pretty sure that the attacking forces wont make it as far as Brisbane, but personally I’m less confident. Hence why I’ve decided that I should write a blog about what is happening as my country falls into War.

I’m also a little uneasy about China dropping their blockade of cargo-ships heading to Australia. As many of their forces are currently involved with fighting our allies, there must be some kind of ulterior motive involved with them now ushering trading ships towards us. Perhaps they are going to seek some kind of new trading agreement?

That wouldn’t make sense. The current Liberal government has been hostile towards Chinese trade for years. It’s all a bit odd.

The war is already affecting my household.  With provision 59 being tabled in Parliament this week, which effectively conscripts nurses and doctors involved in the public health system, my wife has become increasingly agitated that she will be forced into some war-zone somewhere.

For those reading this that aren’t living in Australia, provision 59 calls for the ‘Redeployment’ of federal and state health workers to assist with wartime casualties. They might not be calling it Conscription, but it sure sounds like it to me.

I’ve never been a fan of this kind of political double-talk.

Anyway the vote happens tomorrow, so we’ll all know our fate then.

My wife is pretty up beat that it will get voted down by ‘The Greens’ in the senate, so we shouldn’t have to worry. I hope she’s right.

More tomorrow, Scott K


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