21st of April, 2019 – And the supermarket burned.

You know.. it kinda surprises me that it didn’t happen sooner. 

Perhaps it was because we have gotten so used to constrained supply of food and fuel ever since this war started that there hasn’t been a riot at the local supermarket as yet. Or perhaps we are a more civil society than I expected, and we just don’t crash our cars through the doors of our local. 

Well, that all changed today. 

There haven’t been any trucks on the roads around here lately, and I’ve heard rumours that both the New England highway, and the Pacific have been cut off south of the border. Either way, some of the locals must have twigged that the shelves were no longer getting stocked at all, and decided it was time to raid them for supplies before they completely ran out. 

The first I knew about what was happening, was the sound of the police sirens. I’m getting a little gun-shy about checking out what is going on outside ever since the explosion in the local shop that left that wretched body part on my roof, but after about 20 minutes curiosity go the better of me and I walked up the road to investigate. 

There were hundreds of people. Hundreds! Just throwing whatever they could through the glass and ripping what they could out of the supermarket with whatever trolley of basket was at hand. The police were clearly powerless to stop it as the scurried around trying to pull people from the broken frames. Many people were even injuring themselves trying to push through the broken glass.

And that’s when it happened. Some cop with a gun in his hand simply shot someone. With the crack of the pistol the crowd mostly froze and looked around, and a I saw a woman in her 50s stop and drop to the ground. Her breathing was clearly very laboured, and blood started to pool under her as she struggled. No one knew if it was accidentally or intentional. But with emotions running high, people probably just assumed the latter. 

The crowd stopped throwing things through glass, and instead started to throw things at the police. Someone driving a car seemed to lose control, and ploughed through the crowd at incredible speed – throwing police and rioters around like they were rag-dolls. The car eventually crashed through the doors before catching on fire with its screaming occupants fighting to get free of the wreck.

The riot then become extremely violent. Police started shooting at random to protect themselves, and rioters fell in a bloodied mess all round. Those that didn’t started ripping the guns from the hands of the police and many of the crowd went looking for whatever weapons they could to fight back.

The fire quickly spread across the supermarket, and before bullets came spraying my way I turned and ran back home. 

With the doors closed I listened to sirens coming from all around. More and more police came, and soon the streets were being patrolled by officers as they looked for rioters. From what I could tell fire trucks had now come onto the scene, and were trying to get the fire in the supermarket under control. The sky above me was black with soot and ash, and the air smelled like burned sugar. 

It is now 9:30pm, and I’m still reluctant to unlock the doors to the house and look outside. Whatever comes next after this can’t be good. 

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