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16th of April, 2019 When you wish upon a star

Unable to sleep for a variety of reasons, I decided at 3 am that I would take a walk around the neighbourhood.  I locked the doors and windows before I left home in order keep Miranda safe.

I haven’t seen the streets and highways this quiet for a very long time. With so few streetlights, house lights on and no cars to be heard, it reminded me much more of what it used to be like at this time of the morning when I was a child.

But I did see the odd individuals scurrying around the streets, looking into cars and peoples front yards. They were looking to see if there happened to be anything useful that could be easily acquired.  But there were only a couple of them, and they pretty much ran off the moment I came anywhere near.

The sky was clear and the air was rather crisp. With the lights from the city so dim, I hadn’t seen so many stars in the sky for a long time. It was actually quite beautiful.

I saw a shooting star. It streaked across the sky and landed somewhere to the west. I couldn’t recall the last time I’d seen a shooting star. But then again, I can’t recall the last time I looked up at the sky and saw such a magnificent sky.

A moment later another star shot across the sky, followed by several others.

Then they stopped coming.

I stood there hearing nothing but my heart thumping, and my breath exhaling into the air.

Then they started again. Tens of these shooting stars brushed across the sky to the west, all following roughly along the same path. Moments later I heard, or at least thought I heard a very distant rumble followed by a muffled crackling.

It might have just been the blood rushing through my ears, but then again it may have been something else. Just as quickly as the shooting stars started, they stopped.

I started to have a bit of a night-time panic. The kind where you spook yourself out from stuff that can’t see, and don’t understand. I could feel the adrenalin racing through me, and I had that sudden urge to run.

I didn’t run, but I ended up briskly walking home with a bit of a rush. Despite there being nothing threatening me directly, I suddenly felt safe by just being back in my own home. I even went to the effort of hiding under the covers, without getting out of the clothes I had been wearing first.

I felt like a bit of a Wuss when I got out of bed again this morning, but I am more than certain that what I had been watching wasn’t a show of nature. Not that I’d be able to verify any of this from the news online or on TV.

I decided it was time to start making some preparations in case we had to leave Brisbane in a hurry. Sure, the car is fuelled up and ready to go but we’ve done absolutely nothing to get ready to leave the city at a moments notice.

Some of my mates reckon that I’m over-reacting, and that everything will surely get better soon. However I’m a lot more cynical than they are, despite there being no one I know that believes that the war is likely to spill over into Brisbane.

History has shown us that even some of the greatest cities have been brought down in the past. I can’t see anything that would make Brisbane any different.

I spoke to Miranda this morning, and asked her to pack a couple of bags of clothes and necessities to go. I specifically made sure she had a limit of two bags. One rucksack and one carry bag, Just in case we had to get out without the car.

She’s procrastinating a bit, and has promised that she will do it when she gets home from School tomorrow, but I think she understands the reasons we need to do this. I feel it is a bit tough to insist to a young girl that she can only take a limited amount of stuff with her, especially when we have so much space in such a large Four Wheel Drive car. But she doesn’t seem all that phased by it.

I’ve loaded the Tent into the back of the car, but I’m already scratching my head as to what else I may need. Perhaps I should come back and try again when I’ve got a clearer head. I feel I’m making decisions in the wrong frame of mind.

But after the light show that I saw this morning, I’m adamant that things are slowly going bad. It may be such an odd thing to worry about, but while we seem to be living in a media blackout, it is hard to gauge if my fears are irrational or not.

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better about it tomorrow.  We’ll see what the new day brings.

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